Cuckold Mistress Jane
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Cuckolds are men who are allowing or being forced to accept their wives or girlfriends fucking other cocks. Most often the other cocks are bigger and better than those men could ever hope to be. Preferably big black cocks. Women know the appeal and draw to bbc now. Women know bbc are better. They know how to fuck and how to please those neglected white pussies.
Cucks ( cuckolds) are little cocked guys who never learned how to make a woman feel really fucked and pleasured. Cucks whine and complain but quickly learn their place and shut their little bitch  mouths.
Cuckolded men feel excited by the idea of their wife fucking another man and may try to fuck her himself to drive the lovers sperm from her body.When he may be unable to have sex more than once in their normal relationships, the cuckolded man is prone to repeated sexual efforts. Cucks may try to compete with a new lovers sperm. The wife may or may not enjoy this extra stimulation she's receiving from her lover and her cuck husband. The lover's sperm will always win over a little cuck's watery deposits.
A wife of a cuck may or may not allow some kind of participitaion as a fluffer or clean up boy.

{Cuckolds have sometimes been written as "wearing the horns of a cuckold" or just "wearing the horns". This refers to the fact that the man being cuckolded is the last to know of his wife's infidelity. He is wearing horns that can be seen by everybody but him.
This also refers to a tradition claiming that in villages of unknown European location, the community would gather to collectively humiliate a man whose wife gives birth to a child recognizably not his own. According to this legend, a parade was held in which the hapless husband is forced to wear antlers on his head as a symbol of his wife's infidelity. Whether or not this actually happened is unknown but the phrase has survived (also see the Italian insult cornuto </wiki/Cornuto>).}
cuckold  meaning
Cuckoldry as a fetish
A cuckold fetishist is aware of the spouse's activity and derives sexual pleasure from it.[2] This knowledge and tolerance of the spouse's activities makes the person in such relationships a wittol, properly speaking. But among fetishists the pose of reluctance—the victimization of the cuckold—is a major element of the kink </wiki/Kink_(sexual)> so the more familiar word is used. In the fetish cuckolding subculture, the female is typically sexually dominant </wiki/Dominant_(BDSM)>, while the man takes on a submissive </wiki/Submissive_(BDSM)> role, only becoming involved with her or her lover when she permits it—sometimes remaining altogether celibate </wiki/Celibate>. O
tBorrowed from wikipedia.orgarrangements are certainly possible, however, as wives can have husbands who take female lovers with their full knowledge.
The wife who enjoys cuckolding her husband is sometimes referred to as a hotwife or cuckoldress.
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