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Native Visit MP3.
Listen to her visit to a Native village. Over 16 minutes. $25.00
John's Visit MP3
Hear how the Natives treated him. Over 18 minutes $25.00
Enjoy my vists to a Native Village. First I take the wife exploring and she meets some friendly locals. The second visit John goes along to see what his wife had loved about them on her visit.
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A message from Reverend Wright!

Coloured folks
This was written by a black gentleman in Texas and is so funny. What a great  sense of humor and creativity!!!
When I was born, I was BLACK ,
When I grew up, I was BLACK ,  
When I went in the sun, I stayed BLACK,  
When I got cold, I was BLACK ,  
When I was scared, I was  BLACK ,  
When I was sick, I was  BLACK ,  
And when I die, I'll still be BLACK NOW, You 'white' folks . .
When you're born, you're
When you grow-up, you're
WHITE When you go in the sun, you get  RED,
When you're cold, you turn 
When you're scared, you're
When you get sick, you're
When you bruise, you turn
And when you die, you look
So who y'all callin'
C O L O R E D folks?
Shower Duty 7/29/09
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Feedback: Other  7/31/2009  xxxxxxcampus  5 stars  WOW, a very sexy recording. Extremely hot.
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Sample Of Native Visit
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