Truth Or Dare
You've made it this far do you Dare to go further? The Truth gets harder and the Dares get riskier.
Can you handle the Truth? Can you take the Dare?

More Truth's and Dare's added below:
Do you have the balls to take my dare? Can you tell me the truth? Are you afraid to admit the truth? Do you dare to take any or all of my challenges? Are you ready to face your fetishes or weakness?
Tell me those hidden secrets or talents you keep locked inside.

If you can take all my Truth and Dare Game I'll have a special prize designed for you only. It's special because it's designed from your truthful answers and your naughty dares.

I'm waiting to see how many of you boys can complete the Truth or Dare Game. Get started boys. More Truth's and Dare's added below. Loser Fee.
To play the game the best way you have to email me your answers after each Dare or Truth.

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