Black Cock Loving Wives!
I think I'll start sharing a few emails and letters I get from other bbc loving friends. Here's one email I got recently.
Names changed.
I told you I have been talking with my wife about bbc lately. This is what happened to her recently. My wife had team meetings the other day. She was happy to see that Ed* (the large black security guy with the Frederick Douglass hair) was on her team. She said he gave her a huge hug and told her how excited he was that she was on his team and he couldn't wait to see her beautiful face every day in homeroom. She told him she would be excited to see him every day too because he was her favorite security staff. She told me she also wanted to tell him he was the most handsome security staff but was afraid to say it with people around. Ed* sat next to her in the meeting and flirted a lot with her. I asked her how he flirted with her. She said he "innocently" touched her arm an leg several times and complimented her perfume and outfit and stuff like that. After the meeting he walked out to the parking lot with her and gave her another big hug, letting it last longer than a usual hug. I jokingly asked her if she noticed if he had a hardon. She said no, but she did notice how nicely he was filling out his slacks. I told her I bet he had a really big black dick. She got a little mad at me for stereotyping, but she wouldn't mind if he did have a big one and knew how to use it (unlike me.) I asked her if she really wanted to hook up with him. She wasn't really sure if it was a good idea because they work together and he is married. I said that maybe it was better that he was married because he would be more discreet. She is not sure if he is really attracted to her, or just being flirty. She is also not sure how to pursue him without making it too obvious. I told her that it sounded like he was being more than flirty, and I thought he might keep pursuing as long as she sent back the right messages. Do you have any advice I could give her?
Talk to you soon... Have a great day!
Dear T*, I hope you keep me updated on what is happening with your wife and Ed*. <wink> I bet she hooks up with him soon.
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